For the last several years GOED has been building a comprehensive, searchable database of all interventional human studies on EPA and DHA — almost 4,000 studies. 

The tool has been completed in two phases.

Phase 1: Includes details on whether the studies are positive, negative or neutral (according to abstract outcomes), associated keywords, relevant study authors and journals.  Click here to see a demo.

Phase 2: Includes data on every outcome from a given study, is fully searchable and can be filtered in by the variables below. Click here to see a demo.

  • Study size
  • Demographics – age, gender
  • Participant characteristics – diseases, medical history, etc.
  • Intervention, omega-3 dosage, placebo
  • Number of participants,  study length, year of publication
  • Results

What makes this database unique?

  • Unlike PubMed, GOED’s Clinical Study Database (CSD) includes data on every outcome in a given study, not just the abstract.
  • This is a carefully curated database. We have filtered through all the irrelevant studies and developed a customized pre-screened article list.
  • Complex search results are downloadable and shareable.
  • The interface allows you to quickly scan the effects of omega-3s on a desired biomarker, of the effect of omega-3 intervention in populations or interest, or people with certain conditions or risk factors.

How can the database be used?

  • Substantiating health and structure/function claims
  • Performing systematic reviews and meta-analyses
  • Identifying gaps in research
  • Preparing white papers and opinion editorials
  • Rebutting negative media articles
  • Providing direction in product design and marketing

How can I access the database?

Free one-month trials of Phase 1 of the database are now available to GOED members.

Through the end of 2021, access to Phase 1 can be purchased for US$99 per month. 

Licensing details and pricing for the full database to come.