Management Team

GOED's work is led by its board of directors, four sub-committees and the GOED staff.

Our board is comprised of senior executives from our Leadership Level members, who also select officers to provide oversight. 

The sub-committee chairs are also appointed annually by the board and are responsible for the committees achieving progress on their goals.

Board Members

  • Chair: Albert Strube, BASF
  • Vice-Chair: Jorge Brahm, Golden Omega
  • Past-Chair: Thomas Feeley, DSM
  • Secretary: Daniel Wiley, Organic Technologies
  • Treasurer: Carilyn Anderson, Carlson Labs
  • Monetization Officer: Miguel Calatayud, Qualitas Health
  • Todd Norton, Aker Biomarine
  • Joe Vidal, Bioriginal
  • Tim Doran, Catalent
  • Thomas Gulbrandsen, Epax/Pelagia
  • Adam Ismail, KD Pharma | Marine Ingredients
  • Arnauld Daudruy, Olvea
  • Fernando Moreno, Solutex
  • Gonzalo De Romaña, TASA Omega

Committee Chairs

  • Communications: Geoff Wills, Nature's Way of Canada
  • Regulatory Affairs: Paul Browner, DSM
  • Science: Keri Marshall, Pharmavite and Johane Guay, Solutex
  • Technical: Björn Rene, Golden Omega

GOED Staff