GOED Randomized Testing Program

GOED conducts market surveillance by randomly testing our members’ products from markets around the world. GOED initiated the program in July of 2012 with a focus on contaminant testing, and expanded its testing in August 2013 to include the full set of parameters in our GOED Monograph. The program was paused due to lack of resources but has now been reinstated. 

Under the infrastructure of the program GOED tests 24 products per year. In 2019, members were selected for testing using a random number generator and then products were purchased at retail stores, from the company website or via the internet. When ingredient manufacturers or encapsulators were selected for testing, GOED attempted to find consumer products that clearly identify the selected company as their supplier or manufacturer. If none were found, we asked the company to give us the names of three products that carry its oil and we selected one for testing. 

While this program is applicable to all GOED members, it is not directly linked to GOED's Proud Member Logo program.

[GOED members can log in and refresh this page to see a results summary of the 2020 program.]